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22-23 October 2012 Pacengo del Garda
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Training and Interdisciplinary Education

Today, the world’s leading scientists call for interdisciplinary education in computational science, engineering and computing technologies.

At EnginSoft, we believe that the production of knowledge and know-how, which is essential for achieving excellence in engineering, requires a varied offer for training courses and in-the-field experiences.

To foster a full understanding of new complex technologies, EnginSoft’s broad training offer includes, among many other features:

  • Short courses offered through the TCN Consortium
  • Web-based courses
  • Training courses in the various software technologies
  • Fellowships to support life-long learning  (see also EU co-funded projects, such as EUA4X)

Other unique opportunities are:

EnginSoft and TCN Consortium sponsor NAFEMS by offering Courses on Computational Technologies at discounted fees

modeFRONTIER Courses

EnginSoft offers tailor-made training in modeFRONTIER dedicated to your specific requirements and at various location within the network.

modeFRONTIER, developed and produced by ESTECO, EnginSoft Technologies for Optimization, is an environment for PIDO (Process Integration and Multi-Objective Design Optimisation). It refers to a system to describe the design process logic, to integrate applications and to allow, through the exploration of the design space, the multi-objective and multi-disciplinarily optimization of a project/process, providing the auxiliary tool for the associated decision making.
Given its wide range of applications, modeFRONTIER is addressed to users with very different culture and competences. It can be very useful, for example, for engineers or designers, to plan (virtually) design alternatives or to draw significant information in lab tests in relation to the optimal solution; for process experts, to configure at best critical processes; for managers who want to design or redefine productive and investments plans; for decision makers who need to identify correlations in complex models; for researchers who aim at the qualification of non conventional procedures, etc.

The definition of a reference logic process for the specific application case - and for input parameters, limits, objectives and instruments to be used for evaluating the impact of variables on objectives - is reached through a graphic interface of intuitive usage, and by having exhaustive and sensitive documentation at disposal, coherently with the context. The user takes advantage, in the setting, of the specific application, also as far as the IT aspects are concerned (use of on-line resources, free access to PC, Linux clusters, computers for parallel massive computation).
Nevertheless, in consideration of the great variety of applications and the levels of possible use, turning to training can fasten learning, especially in starting up.

EnginSoft offers courses both of introductive and advanced level.
The courses' practical purpose is to lead to a quick and appropriate use of the system, qualifying its different functions. For this reason introductive sessions on the system architecture, algorithms and available procedures, are alternated with "hands on" sessions, in which participants can practice on computers, finalizing guided applications or outlining, with trainer advice and suggestions, problem solutions, discussing formulations and results.

As far as the methodological principles and the detail information on the algorithms are concerned, other organizations can be identified to complement the general courses offered (such as TCN Consortium - www.consorziotcn.it). EnginSoft can develop advanced courses with suitable programmes for specific industrial contexts and/or homogeneous groups of users.

Similarly, EnginSoft supports users in the development of personalized applications, transferring its knowledge immediately on the job. This method is particularly effective when working with modeFRONTIER.

modeFRONTIER Courses:

For further information, please contact:

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